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My Bloomsky unit has stopped showing

Hans Dietrich Jul 14, 2019 07:16AM PDT

My SKY unit is not showing and stopped late 7/13 but my STORM unit is still reporting. So something is getting through....checked to dashboard portal. I notice that on the Massachusetts MAP there are many less stations reporting. IS SOMETHING HAPPENING THAT WE ARE NOT BEING TOLD ABOUT??


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Nick Jul 15, 2019 04:37PM PDT BloomSky Inc Agent

Hello Hans,

Thanks for the post. There is no system outage that I am aware of if that is what you are asking. Did you need any assistance in getting your device back online? Your device will not appear on the map if it has not transmitted in the past hour, it automatically gets filtered out.


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Peter Schumacher Jul 17, 2019 10:09AM PDT

Yep,having exact the same problem, Storm reporst, Sky is online but beside battery readings nothing shows up. Can I reset it without climbing onto the roof?

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Nick Jul 18, 2019 12:59PM PDT BloomSky Inc Agent

Hello Peter,

You can attempt the router connection reset without climbing up there. The big problem with that is if it fails, we do not know where in the set up it fails since we rely on the WiFi lights to troubleshoot. I always recommend bringing the device inside to troubleshoot.


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Francis Miele Jul 22, 2019 12:30PM PDT
my SKY1 hasn't reported since 7/19and now it shows offline. I have done multiple hard resets and each time the setup completes, the network light is blinking green, but still shows offline in the app. My device it 15ft away from the accesspoint.

It has been working for a long time and now it isn't. What do I do to fix it?
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Nick Jul 23, 2019 05:09PM PDT BloomSky Inc Agent

Hello Francis,

I would go ahead and do a quick press on the WiFi button, this will force a transmission and could “jumpstart” the device.


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Tim Aug 10, 2019 01:03AM PDT
Hi, I have a similar issue to what has been stated above. I have reset a number of times, but it show offline has not sent upload Jun 27.
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Nick Aug 13, 2019 03:34PM PDT BloomSky Inc Agent

Hello Tim,

Thank you for contacting BloomSky and sorry to hear about the issue. What you want to do is hard reset (hold down the WiFi button for 8-10 seconds, release the button, WiFi light will be flashing red & green) the device, click menu—>[device name]—> router connection reset. This should get your device back up and running again. Make sure your phone is connected to the dedicated 2.4GHz band.

If you are still having issues getting the device back up online please take note of the WIFi light when it fails and that will help me diagnose what is going on with it.


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Andy Sep 13, 2019 04:13PM PDT
My Bloomsky 2 worked great for about 2 1/2 months before crashing on the 29th of August. It has taken one picture since then and has not responded to soft or hard restarts. Any help would be most appreciated.

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Nick Sep 16, 2019 11:16AM PDT BloomSky Inc Agent

Hello Hans,

It sounds like your device is having trouble resetting. My first recommendation would be to open the device and do a battery pull. When you turn the device upside down there will be 4 larger phillips screws on the outer shell and 4 smaller phillips screws on the inner shell, right underneath that inner shell lies the battery. Unplug the battery for a minute, and then reconnect it. The SKY should behave normally after the reconnection.


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