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Storm is not broadcasting during the night

Vitek Oct 29, 2018 03:06AM PDT

Or vice versa: Storm is broadcasting only during the sunny days.

► There are two main possible reasons for this issue. Battery is dead or solar panel is defective. To find out which of the two follow the instructions below.

1. Charge the Storm for half of a day via USB cable using any USB charger providing 5 V and minimum 0.5 A. You can also plug Storm into a USB slot on the computer to charge it. Half of a day should be enough to fully charge the Storm’s battery.

2. Unplug the Storm from the charger and put it back to its place.
DO NOT plug in solar panel connector.

3. Observe on the network dongle that the Storm is broadcasting data. Correctly working Storm is broadcasting data about once in every 15 – 17 seconds entire day that is 24 hours a day.
When anemometer (Storm-S1) and network dongle (Storm-A1) communicate successfully the indicator light on the dongle’s top is blinking in a repetitive pattern 15 – 17 times green and then once red. While the red means data transfer from the anemometer to the dongle.

4. Check repeatedly during a period of 3 days on BloomSky dashboard , Weather Underground or similar that Storm is broadcasting data.
►► If the Storm running only on the battery (solar panel disconnected) is broadcasting longer than 3 days then the battery is good and the solar panel is defective.
►► If the Storm running only on the battery (solar panel disconnected) is broadcasting less than 3 days then the battery is dead or dying.

5. Dependent on the result from the point 4 you may change the battery (see the instructions below) or solar panel.
It appears that there was a batch of Storms supplied with defective battery and a batch of solar panels lasting only 6 – 10 months.

► Incorrect Battery Level Indicator
Both BloomSky app and are showing incorrect battery levels, which are not related to actual battery voltage or capacity and are entirely misleading. The battery for both Sky and Storm 1 & 2 doesn't contain electronic circuit nor internal thermometer to provide correct real time readings of its capacity. As a conclusion you can't use these indicators for any kind of troubleshooting, nor even to estimate battery capacity, its life span or device's run time.

► Storm-S1 Battery and Replacement Instructions

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Vitek Nov 07, 2018 11:40AM PST
In a case like below:

Storm is broadcasting when plugged into the USB charger.
Storm has been left charging for a half of a day.
The Storm stops broadcasting immediately or after a short while after unplugging from the charger.

The battery is defective. You don’t need to wait or do any more testing.
Replace the Storm or battery in the Storm.

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