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Storm solid red LED

Matthias Huber Oct 21, 2018 12:39AM PDT

Hey there
I recognised this morning a solid red LED on my Storm. I used the internet and this comunity to find out about it... but couldn't find anything.

Does anybody know, what this solid red LED on the strom means?


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James W. Oct 22, 2018 12:25PM PDT BloomSky Inc Agent

Hi Matt,

Solid red is not very common. Is it possible for you to take a short video of it and send it to I’d like to get our engineers opinion.


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Vitek Oct 25, 2018 09:01AM PDT
Hello Matthias,

I would first charge the Storm via an USB cable for several hours.

You may then try to reset both Storm-S1 (anemometer) and Storm-A1 network dongle. There is a small hole next to the USB socket under the rubber cover on Storm-S1 and on the dongle next to the power socket. Use a paper clip, insert it into the hole and press and hold a small button there for about 10 seconds. Do it for both the anemometer unit and the dongle (leave dongle powered during the reset). You may need to delete Storm and add it again in the BloomSky app after the reset.

Both Storm-S1 and Storm-A1 (network dongle) contains a standard RF transceiver model:
Texas Instruments CC1110F32, Ti 651, CN2K G4
Frequency Bands: 315/433/868/915 MHz ISM/SRD
Frequency range: 300 - 348 MHz, 391 - 464 MHz, 782 - 928 MHz

This transceiver has an interconnecting frequency auto negotiation function. It may be possible that the frequency negotiation was not successful on your unit.

When anemometer and dongle communicate successfully the indicator light on the dongle’s top is blinking in a repetitive pattern 15-17 times green and then once red. While red means data transfer from the anemometer to the dongle.

Best regards,

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hoare Jan 14, 2019 08:18PM PST

well despite resetting, deleting, connecting with usb etc etc light is still on !

dongle is breathing green. do i need to do an ecg on the dongle?

my last yacht raymarine anemometer worked 8 years non stop! why does bloomsky equipment have so many problems? plus i had 2 yachts before without anemometer problems

...and yes i know u refunded me ! ( but not the shipping cost )

ps. why take a video of a red light that is continuously on ...neither flashing nor breathing nor dying!
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James W. Jan 15, 2019 12:27PM PST BloomSky Inc Agent

I suggest waiting for the battery to die, recharging, and s

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Ian Jan 22, 2019 01:03AM PST
Have this issue as well, Solid Red LED on Storm and Breathing Green LED on Dongle.

Tried so far
Delete from app and Re-adding - Fails and asks for you to disconnect and reconnect USB
(Have tied this on both iPhone IOS App and Android App both have similar issue)
Quick press of Reset plus Press and hold Reset 10 -20 seconds on both Dongle and Storm. Storm LED goes off when Reset button is pressed/held. Does not seam to do anything on the Storm as the LED comes back on immediately and there is no device load time.

Currently waiting for battery to go flat for a full power reset, but if it take too long I will open it up and unplug the battery.
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James W. Jan 25, 2019 11:23AM PST BloomSky Inc Agent

@Ian my recommendation would be to drain the battery as well. I suggest doing that, charging it, then trying to set it up again.

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Ian Jan 27, 2019 05:17PM PST
Okay after six days battery in Storm (S1) is flat and LED has been off for over 24 hours...

Before starting, full reset of A1 With Reset pressed and Held while Powered on, then again Reset pressed with power out and then plugged in a held for 10 seconds. A1 had solid Red LED.. LED on S1 is out.

Storm removed from Sky 2 pairing in Application six days ago.

Start pairing with IOS App, Go through all steps plug in completely flat storm at point of request through wizard. RED LED comes on immediately (Solid). Wait for configuration, comes up please unplug USB then back in. At this point A1 LED Starts slowly blinking Green, Soild Red on S1. after 10 seconds just comes up as failed to configure "Do you want help"...

Second try leave S1 plugged into A1 for a few hours, A1 slowly blinking Green.. S1 Solid Red.
Same result, guess S1 is bricked unless someone has any other ideas
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James W. Jan 30, 2019 06:35PM PST BloomSky Inc Agent

Hi Ian,

Can you send us an email at with the steps you’ve showed here and your invoice or order number? I’d like to take a look into it for you.


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