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Sky2 Power problem

Scott Schneider Aug 05, 2018 12:13PM PDT

My Sky2 has been running like a champ through all of our wet weather here in PA - but suddenly last night, turned off and I can't get it to come back on.

Pressing and holding the wifi and/or the power buttons doesn't give me any lights on the front of the Sky2.
I checked the data on the dashboard and it should have a 90% charge (connected to solar), but i brought it in and connected it to AC power and I still get no lights anywhere.

Is it possible the main power supply just crapped out?

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Michael Aug 06, 2018 04:50PM PDT BloomSky Inc Agent

Hi Scott,

I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble with your device. My first recommendation would be to open the device and do a battery pull. When you turn the device upside down there will be 4 larger Phillips screws on the outer shell and 4 smaller Phillips screws on the inner shell, right underneath that inner shell lies the battery. Unplug the battery for a minute, and then reconnect it. The SKY should behave normally after the reconnection.

If you are still having trouble send us an email at


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Vitek Aug 07, 2018 01:40AM PDT
Hello Scott,

You may find helpful information in this thread, which includes a link to battery removal pictures:

Sky 1 & 2 Battery and Replacement Instructions

I had a similar problem like you a few months ago. The dashboard chart was showing 80 % battery capacity for the Sky but the actual battery’s voltage was 0 V measured by voltmeter. That is 0 % capacity.

The battery level indicator for both Sky and Storm in the app and on the dashboard is showing incorrect battery levels, which are not related to actual battery voltage or capacity and are entirely misleading. The Sky’s and Storm’s battery doesn't contain electronic circuit nor internal thermometer to provide correct readings of its capacity. As a conclusion you can't use these indicators for any kind of troubleshooting.

I would suggest to unplug the battery and measure its real voltage, which should be around 8 V for a new fully charged battery. Its nominal voltage is 7.4 V.

Also press and hold the power switch on the device for about 3 seconds till all the three lights go on to turn the device on or off.
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Scott Aug 07, 2018 07:52PM PDT
Thanks to both for the help.
I have held the power switch and the wifi switch in various combinations and for various amounts of time and had no luck with any lights coming on.

FWIW, I've had the Bloomsky plugged into AC power for the past 2 days while I've been out of town and it's still unresponsive. I'll pull the battery tomorrow and see what happens.
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Scott Sep 01, 2018 07:55AM PDT
It took me a while, but I tried unplugging the battery and reseating it - no lights and no power.
I actually still have a Bloom 2 that had a bad camera and was set to be returned - never had power issues with that one. So I took the battery out of that one and put it in the new Bloom 2 and I still have no lights, no power.

So it appears that it isn't a battery issue - but some sort of power supply problem?
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Michael Sep 05, 2018 02:45PM PDT BloomSky Inc Agent

Hi Scott,

I’m sorry you are still having trouble with your device, if you can please send us an email at so that we can check if we can replace your device under warranty.


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