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Storm Anemometer Sticking

Ken McGuire Mar 07, 2018 06:44AM PST

After a year of operation, the anemometer is sticking and won't rotate. This started about a month ago. I took the Storm down and "fiddled" with the anemometer a bit and it started rotating freely. When it stuck, there was definitely something inside preventing rotation, but then it cleared up and all was ok. I put the Storm back up and it was ok for another day and then back to sticking.

I need to know how to disassemble the anemometer non-destructively so I can find out what the problem is.

I am a little disappointed that the Storm only lasted a year before showing problems. My el-cleapo Ambient station has been in operation for 4 years with no anemometer issues, my Davis Vantage Pro has been operating well for 15 years, and my Campbel Scientific anemometer has been running fine for 30+ years although I have to clean the bearings regularly every 10 years.

Thanks in advance.

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James W. Mar 08, 2018 12:02PM PST BloomSky Agent

I’d like to replace your device. I see your order and have sent a return shipping label and when we receive the device we will send another out to you.

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Ken McGuire Mar 08, 2018 12:58PM PST
should I send the network interface and mounting hardware as well?
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Ken McGuire Mar 08, 2018 01:51PM PST
Never mind, it is all packed up ready to go out tomorrow.

Thanks for the quick response and support.
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James W. Mar 09, 2018 11:27AM PST BloomSky Agent

Thanks Ken. I look forward to getting the device.

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Travis S. Mar 19, 2018 08:31AM PDT
I don't feel so bad, I'm having the same issue. Right now I had to replace my Sky2 (second replacement, due to faulty camera), and am unable to pair the Storm with the Sky2. I have the same problem with the anemometer sticking as well. If I spin it backwards, it seems to be okay, but spinning it in the correct direction, it'll spin for a few, then stick. Almost like it's either stuck on something.
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James W. Mar 21, 2018 02:47PM PDT BloomSky Agent

@Travis S. thanks for the update. Please email us and we can see about replacing the device.

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Ken McGuire Mar 28, 2018 08:06AM PDT
It has been 2 weeks since you received my Storm return, and I haven't heard a word about when I might expect to receive the replacement.
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James W. Mar 28, 2018 04:57PM PDT BloomSky Agent

@Ken McGuire We are in between shipments at the moment, so it will be about 3 more weeks before we can send it out. I am very sorry.

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Ken McGuire Mar 28, 2018 05:57PM PDT
Thanks, that's nice to know.
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James W. Mar 29, 2018 11:15AM PDT BloomSky Agent

@Ken McGuire again, I am very sorry. I will get it out as soon as possible.

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John R DeSantis Apr 30, 2018 09:12AM PDT
I have had the same issue. It feels as though the bearing somehow get dirt inside of it. I had the anemometer off (which broke, I did glue it the best I could) but now it only spins at high wind speeds. Is there a recommended lubricant that I could use to loosen the bearing?


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James W. May 01, 2018 03:40PM PDT BloomSky Agent

John R DeSantis Can you email us at with a short video of the issue? Please also include the order number so that we can locate your order and see about replacing it.

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