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How to use debug tool

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2017 04:06PM PST
*This is for SKY1 devices ONLY*

Please first download our Debug tool HERE. Once you've downloaded the files, you will need to run them.  
Mac computers:
Bring up "Search Spotlight" by pressing COMMAND + SPACEBAR

In the search bar search for "Terminal" and press "Enter"

PC computers:
PC computers will need to download the python program. You can do that by going HERE and learn how to install it HERE. Please make sure to download version 2.7.11.

After selecting Terminal, or the Command Prompt locate the downloaded file (Debug_1_0_1.pyc). In the first line type "python" and then drag the file to the new window and press "Enter" on your keyboard. Make sure that there is a space between "python" and the file. 

Once you press "Enter" this is what the screen should look like. 

The first test is to make sure the device is not defective. To do this we need to put the device in Debug Mode. You can do this by pressing the Wifi button and turning it on. Make sure to keep the Wifi button pushed down until you see the wifi light turn red. Here is a video that may help:

Once you've put the device into debug mode, it will create a wifi signal (the SSID is also your device id) that you will need to connect your computer to.

If you do not see the device's network, it may be due to the country code of your laptop. Please skip this step and move on to test 2. 

Once connected, go back to your terminal and press "1" and "Enter." The wait screen will look like this:

Once the process is finished it will say "the ID of your device is: XXXXXXXXXXXX, The test image has been saved on: XXXXXX." The device ID is also your MAC address. Check the location where the program saved your image, make sure that the image saved is not corrupted. If it is not, the device is not defective. 

After this step, disconnect from the device's wifi network and connect to the wifi network you set up the device with.

Next, do the second debug test, the "Network Connection Test." The results are shown in the box below. If it does not pass, copy and paste the results and send the to with your device ID. 

Now choose the third option "Network Communication Test." Copy the result and email it to

If you cannot perform the tests, there are three things that can be helpful for our engineers:
1. The Device ID.
2. A video which shows the LED status.
3. Place the device close to your router to see if that resolves the issue.

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