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What if I'm having issues turning on and powering the outdoor weather station?

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2016 02:23PM PDT

Issues with the outdoor weather station power button?

The power button is located on the grey seal running along the outside of the device. The travel distance of this button is much farther than the Wifi button and will have a less distinct “clicking” sound. If you do not think it is turning on, press the button as far as it can go and verify that the indicator lights blink (this could take up to 10 seconds.) If it does not, press the button again and see if the lights still don’t turn on. If so, contact us with this information. A video would help us greatly to verify and find a solution for your issue.

How can I tell that my outdoor weather station is actually turned on?

After setup, your device’s “power” indicator light will blink about every 8-10 seconds.

Why isn’t the charging light on when I plug it in?

Your battery light will turn off when the device is fully charged. If you suspect that you have a battery issue, unplug the device and wait 10-15 minutes to see if the battery indicator in your app has updated.

How can I tell if the solar panel is working?

The solar panel will sufficiently recharge the battery with 8-12 hours of per week of sun exposure. The solar panel will be most efficient with clear, unobstructed exposure to the sun. However it will continue to provide a more limited supply of power on cloudy days.

Plan the position of the solar panel to take into account trees, buildings, and other objects that block sun exposure during the middle of the day when the sun highest in the sky and at it’s strongest.

Our solar panel accessory is built with a durable and heavy metal frame to prevent it from being easily blown out of position by light to medium strength wind. However it is recommended that you secure the panel if it will be exposed to sustained winds. It is a monocrystalline silicon panel, with a max output of 13.5 Watts. Further details can be found on the BloomSky store, under product specs on the solar panel shopping page here. With this said, if you notice your device shuts off or receive a low battery notification in your app (with notifications enabled) and suspect that you may have a defective product, please contact us below!

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