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"Sorry! Your BloomSky has failed to connect correctly. Would you like to try again?" Error message

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2016 02:38PM PDT


You’ve just entered in your wifi password into the BloomSky app and after 5 or so minutes you get this error!  What does it mean?


The first steps to understanding what is wrong lies in the color of the wifi light located on the device after you have attempted to set up the device and received an error message. If you have already turned off the BloomSky after attempting to set it up, please hard reset the BloomSky, and attempt the device set-up once more.


With the device still on after getting the “Sorry!...” Error message, take note of the color of the wifi light; It can be red, orange, or green. These colors will correspond with the problem you are experiencing.


Red Light:  

List of conditions that may be preventing a successful BloomSky setup


Your phone is not connected to the 2.4 frequency of your router

  • Ensure that your phone or device you are using to set up the BloomSky is connected to a 2.4g network. The BloomSky cannot connect to the 5g network


Your router’s 5g and 2.4g frequencies have the same SSID

  • Your router may be set up to to give the same name to your 5g and 2.4g frequencies and BloomSky may be trying to connect to the 5g frequency. To fix this, you will need to go into your router’s settings and name the 2.4g band the 5g band unique for one another.  This will separate the two frequencies.
    Ex: “BloomSky_Internet” & “BloomSky_Internet 5g”


802.11n network band in your router is enabled

BloomSky cannot connect if your 802.11n band in your router is turned on.

Dont worry, you can re-enable 802.11n after the BloomSky is connected.

Here are some links to some of the more popular routers wifi settings or articles on how to get into your wifi settings


Orange Light:  

List of conditions that may be preventing a successful BloomSky setup


Wrong wifi password

  • The incorrect wifi password was entered. Make sure you triple check the password before pressing connect!


Red Light in disguise

  • Sometimes malfunctions happen. Treat the orange wifi light like a red wifi light and refer to the section above to diagnose any possible problem


Green Light:  

List of conditions that may be preventing a successful BloomSky setup


Unsuccessful connection setup

  • Something must have happened when your BloomSky tried to connect to your router.  Please try the setup process again (after performing a hard reset). You may have to attempt the set up several times before you are successful.

Bugged connection

  • Tried to set up the device a couple times but keep getting stuck at the green light?  It might not be your fault so let us take care of it on our end.

  • You will need to send us a “Greenlight connection troubleshooting request.” Just follow the instructions below and we will see to your issue as soon as we can.

       Greenlight connection troubleshooting request

  1. Do not hard reset your device.  Just turn the device off, wait for 3 seconds, and turn it back on

  2. Fill out this form.
    You will be asked to provide the following:

    1. Registered email you used to create your BloomSky account

    2. Physical address of where you are setting up your BloomSky

    3. What you plan to name your BloomSky device (this can be changed later in your settings.

    4. Your device’s SSID (refer to the image below)

  3. Now you’re done!  We will handle the rest of the work.  Please wait as your request will be handled during BloomSky business hours of M-F 9-5pm pdt/pst.

  4. When we have everything hooked up, you will be able to view the data from your Bloomsky App.

How to find device ID:

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